02/07/2018 | Action Packed Racing from 2018 SUP World Cup Scharbeutz

What an awesome weekend of action-packed racing we witnessed here at the 2018 SUP World Cup Scharbeutz for the 9th stop of the EuroTour. In men’s race, Michael Booth had a big battle with fellow Australian Lincoln Dews and Sonni Hönscheid fought hard but eventually conceded to Olivia Piana for the women’s title.

“It feels amazing to take back to back titles in The Euro Tour as I see it as one of the major crowns in our sport. It was one of the goals I wrote down at the start of the season and there’s no better feeling than having all the planning and preparations pay off. It’s definitely been an amazing 6 weeks in Europe on the tour and I feel very lucky.

The race in Scharbeutz was world class and I was really happy with my performance but was beaten by a better guy on the day in Lincoln Dews. The race was a high-intensity battle the whole way and it was a heart in the month kinda race. These types of technical races haven’t been my forte in the past but I felt super strong the whole way and it gives me great confidence leading into the back half of the year. The atmosphere here in Germany was electric and it was amazing to see so many people lining the pier to cheer us on and support the event.

I now refocus as I head to London for the first stop of the APP World Tour which I’m super excited about!”

– Michael Booth


“It was an exciting event at the Mercedes Benz SUP World Cup this weekend! The best in the world competing in a very exciting course with thousands of spectators on the beach, couldn’t be a better set up!”

– Fiona Wylde


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Men’s top 10

1st: Lincoln Dews (0:52:24) Australia
2nd: Michael Booth (0:52:55) Australia/Starboard
3rd: Arthur Arutkin (0:53:37) France
4th: Connor Baxter (0:54:17) Hawaii/Starboard
5th: Marcus Hansen (0:54:40) New Zealand
6th: Bruno Hasulyo (0:54:54) Hungary/Starboard
7th: Martin Vitry (0:55:15) France
8th: Georges Cronsteadt (0:55:16) Tahiti
9th: Noic Garioud (0:55:19) New Caledonia
10th: Josh Riccio 0:55:39) USA

Women’s top 10

1st: Olivia Piana (1:04:37) France
2nd: Sonni Honscheid (1:05:35) Germany/Starboard
3rd: Seychelle (1:06:27) USA
4th: Fiona Wylde (1:06:40) USA/Starboard
5th: Angie Jackson (1:08:05) Australia
6th: Yuka Sato (1:08:44) Japan/Starboard
7th: Kate Baker (1:08:51) UK
8th: Annie Reickert (1:11:15) Hawaii
9th: Lena Ribeiro (1:13:05) Brazil
10th: Noelani Sach (1:13:11) Germany



Photo credit: @georgiasphoto/@paddleleague