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Default Windsurfing SUP


I have been windsurfing for a few seasons now and enjoy it and ride a 125 litre board. I am in the footstraps and harness and getting some carving gybes.

Looking to get into SUP with windsurf option, but wondering if it would replace my windsurf board? Is planning an option on SUP board with a sail or is is fairly difficult without footstraps?

Any information you can provide would be awesome.

Furthermore, I am trying to determine which board would be a good fit for me. I am 170lbs and will be using it on lakes with variable conditions but often times are windy. I know many of the boards are good at catching waves is it possible to catch waves which are white caps but are not as big and foamy as in the ocean with any of the boards?

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Hi, This is a tricky one. All Starboard SUPs in the Silver AST construction (and below 10'5 in length) have inserts for screwing in foot straps. However boards that will enable you to ride white caps (which would be riding straight downwind, rather than surfing along the wave) tend to be longer than 10'5 - usually 12'6 plus. In your situation I'd tend to keep my dedicated windsurfer, and get a glidey SUP that's good to paddle on flat water when it's not so windy, like a Touring or RACE. Cheers John
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Thanks for the information,

Thinking about it more the main question I am trying to answer is do I need a windsurf board and SUP board.

I have sold my windsurf board and I am trying to decide if it is best to get another 120 litre board for windsurfing or can I get one SUP that will work well for windsufing and SUP? Is there a SUP board which would work well like a windsurfing board (planning, carve gybing) and double as a good SUP board?

I tried researching it already and there is not much information. THe info I found said that SUP boards are not good at planning with windsurf sails on them so I am trying to find out what is true from the ones who use all the starboard SUP boards.

I appreciate your help.

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Thanks for writing, I very much liked your newest answer on this post.
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For a test report (in french, sorry) about windsurfing the SUPer 10'0", please have a look here :


The SUPer 10'0" is a great SUP board for a complete SUP newbie like me. It's also a good board for windSUPing in light wind in displacement mode. However, it's clearly not a high-performance windsurfing board in planing mode.

It's perfect to learn the basic for a newbie or go cruising around thanks to the daggerboard with a no-cam sail in light to medium wind (5.0, 7.0 and even a 9.0 m2 sail). Yes, you ca plane and do carving jibes (long turns) with that kind of SUP board, but it's kinda slow with sluggish acceleration, nothing to do with a true flat-rockered windsurfing board. In high wind with choppy sea, this would be quite big, heavy and challenging without footstraps and has nothing to do with the feelings you can get with a Raceboard * la Phantom 380 for example. The feeling while riding with a windSUP is kind of like the original windsurfer that was invented almost 40 years ago, but stuffed with modern technologies inside/outside.

In sum, if you want a SUP board to do both SUP and windSUP in light to medium wind without too choppy and messy water conditions, go for it. The SUPer 12'6" is more stable when going straight on flat water, the SUPer 10'0" being more manoeuvrable under your feets. Some riders are even using these SUPer board to do old-school long board freestyle tricks. If you want to enjoy most of the time high-performance planing and carving jibes, better get a dedicated windsurf board IMHO for more fun on the water.

Cheers !

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Yeah this si good ifnoramtion from your side i am totoally agrred and like this post but here i just want to say you thta as a rider that Windsurfing is difficult to ride on the surf than the surfboarding in th ebiggest ocean waves because i am a surbfoard rider and ride in the biggest ocean eaves and jumped in these waves on my surfboard so that why i am talking this way anyways good to have on this thread....
learning to surf ski
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Why are you looking to get into SUP with windsurf option instead of windsurf board? I'm a complete newbie and am trying to find out personal experience and specifics..
With best regards,
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