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Default 8.5 Pocket rocket Candy

After using a 9.8 element AST silver in 2011, I have buy a pocket rocket 8.5 2012 (march 2012)--> AST candy..
Very good board , i'm very happy.
But after 10 sessions i have a problem with the EVA.
The EVA is very fragile : it is torn off, I must restick it --> 3 reparations.
Is it normal ?
Can you help me ?
Best regards
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I've run into the same problem on my 2012 10'5" Widepoint..... 1st session out and the eva started to peel by the left rail. Its the side I usually pop back onto my board after I go down.... I glued offending pieces but I've actually had chunks peel off. I went through my dealer and had him contact the Starboard National rep to put in a warranty claim.

I included video and pictures to send in as well. I'm waiting to hear back, but it sounds like I'm going to have to get a new deck pad and have the old one taken off, adhesive sanded off and a new one put on.

(See peeling on rail near tiki)

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Yep me too. My 9'5" Widepoint has the same problem. At the front of the deck pad where the wood veneer begins. Seen a few similar stories.
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I think you guy's are surfing way to fast and so many hard turns, your ripping the EVA off. LOL. Actually all kidding aside, this is a major problem for all three of you and maybe more people. I purchased a Element and a Whopper in March, both the wood construction/red with the same setup as johnnydel's board. The Element has been paddled about 20 times and the Whopper about ten times. Both boards have been surfed 3-4 times by daughters in waist high stuff and once each by myself in waist high. Just went out in the dark and checked them with a flashlight and no problems with either board.

Let me ask you guys this. I'm in the tropics, warm water, no wetsuit rubbing on the side edge of the EVA when getting back on board after a wipeout. If all three of you are in cold water, could it be possible the EVA somehow gets brittle and starts cracking. I know the AST candy has been around for awhile and I haven't heard of this problem before, so possible a bad batch of product.

I trust Starboard will correct this problem for all of you ASAP. Keep us posted as to the status of the issue and I will post if my boards start to peel and crack. My only problem so far with the deck pads, is keeping the family cats from sharpening their claws on them.

Maybe a shout out to Wardog and Sup-position if they have any thoughts on topic.

Much Aloha and Best of Luck

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Hey Mauistyle,

I'm in Sydney & have only had mine out in warm water so far. I don't really think it is a temperature related thing. Maybe just a bad batch of adheasive. I'm not too concerned about it though. It is only 2 small areas & so far hasn't increased or spread.
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