[The Ultimate Crossing] Fotoshoot close to Keanae, June 22nd 2011, 2am

I rented an airplane today from “Maui Aviators”. Jimmie Hepp was doing a fotoshoot of Bart close to the Keanae peninsula of Maui. Soleil joined as well. Our pilot from “Maui Aviators” was Tony.
He was the first one to spot Bart out there. As Jimmie said,” a needle in ahaystack”. Unbelievable, that he found him out there. Lucky Bart, he could wave with his bright pink piece of fabric, what keeps him covered up in the night.

I talked to Bart several times on the phone today. He actually left last night at 9pm and not at 1am this morning, as I thought. It was so rough in the channel that he had to throw up several times, as he was so seasick. Even close to Hana this morning he felt still seasick. When I talked to him the first time around 10:45am he was still feeling very weak, but could recover in the past hours. The pilot told us that this channel is the roughest in the world. Great! He took pills against motionsickness and hopes he will get some rest oon his board tonight, without feeling sick. He looks so very very small on this big ocean. He will point now towards the eastcoast of Molokai. I hope so very much he will have a better night. He will send out another beacon signal later this evening, what I will post and anotherone tomorrow morning. Keep checking his blog, please and wish him well, Dagmar and Soleil
I rented an airplane today from Maui Aviators to have a fotoshoot with Jimmie Hepp. Soleil joined me. Our pilot was Tony.

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