Why would I pay more money for a lighter Carbon Balsa board?

Due to the size of stand up paddle boards, swing weight is a critical factor when it comes to performance. The lighter weight of Starboard’s Carbon balsa, improves reactivity and response by an incredible margin. The amazing fact is that they are stronger as well, with less chance of snapping them in the surf. The lighter weights also make it far easier to manage boards on land when carrying to the water or putting the board onto the car.  See more on our Starboard Technologies.

Where should I position my fins?

A lot of work has already been done testing for the ultimate position of the fins. When you insert your fins, they should be with the curved side of the side fins to the outside and the center of the fin should line up with the middle of the fin box. Moving the fin forward will make the board looser with less drive and the opposite when moved back.  See here below how to position your Starboard fins.

Are Starboard fins better then aftermarket fins?

Starboard fins are of a very high quality and well matched to each board for size and flex characteristics. Learn more about Starboard fin technology here.

How do I choose between a Quad or Thruster fin set-up?

Both options are supplied on many of the boards with some people having an affinity for Quads. In the Quad set up it’s usually the front fins being the large ones 4.7 and smaller fins 4.5 in the rear. The quad can make your board have better acceleration and speed, but to the detriment of smooth rail to rail transition. The default set up that the boards were designed around was the thruster fins that are supplied.

Is there a vent plug in my board? Where is it located?

Starboard has had extremely few problems with de-lamination over the last 20 years of board building, thanks to the highest standards of material and manufacturing technology. However, in 2012 a valve was put in all boards due to popular demand and the result was that several riders forgot to put in their valve or they lost it. Thus, we are back to not having valves in boards, except for our Race range, where the plug is located just in front of the standing area. Watch below how to install our Starboard race valve.

Is it ok to leave my board out in the sun or on a hot car?

Compared to inferior quality boards, you can feel safe to leave your Starboard out in the sun without fear of popping the outer skin off of the foam (De-lamination). However, harmful UV rays will always affect the look of your board, so it is good to keep your board in the shade when not in use, and protect it from travel dings with a board bag.

If I ding (put a hole in) my board, should I stop using it?

Definitely. As soon as you notice you have a hole or crack thru the skin of your board you should exit the water immediately. The inner core of your board (EPS) absorbs water rapidly, which will increase the weight of your board. If you do happen to absorb water from a crack or ding, it is possible to drain it by leaving it in the sun for extended periods, but it will never get back to its original weight. Many new generation Starboard’s feature advanced fused cell core material for light weight and increased water resistance.

What’s the easiest/best way to fix a ding?

There are two types of “quick fix” repairs to get you back on the water quickly, Solar Resin, which is hardened when exposed to the sun and Ding Stick, which is a two-part epoxy putty. Both of these should be a temporary measure with a proper repair of fiberglass mat with epoxy resin used at a later date. NEVER use polyester resin to fix your epoxy Starboard, as the resin will eat away the foam. Learn to repair your Starboard composite board.

What is the difference between Zen and Deluxe Inflatable Technologies?


Stiff and light .

Features include:

  • Dual Stringer on the deck for increased rigidity.
  • Carbon Rails for extra support in the critical standing area.
  • 6” Dropstitch with uni-directional connecting yarns increasing longitudinal stiffness.
  • Half Layer PVC laminates reduces the weight significantly.
  • Linear dropstitch


Strong and durable.

Features include:

  • Strong double layer PVC laminates for maximum strength on the deck and bottom.
  • Visible double rail band with extra thick PVC Outer Rail Band for maximum protection.
  • Biaxial dropstitch for strength and stiffness.

See more on both Deluxe and Zen Starboard Inflatable Technologies.

When detaching the pump from the Inflatable board, the air starts to release from the valve. How do I stop this from happening?

There is a little spring pin inside that locks itself in two positions:
Deflating position (air coming out freely) and inflating position (100% Airtight). To switch from inflating to deflating, simply push the pin and turn clockwise a 1/4 turn. The pin will lock itself in a down position and the air will come out freely. To switch from deflating to inflating, simply push the pin and turn a 1/4 counter-clockwise. The pin will lock itself in a up position and the air will not be able to come out unless you push the pin.

How much air should I pump into my Inflatable board, and how long does it take to inflate?

The recommended pressure is 14- 18PSI, any higher you risk over inflating and damage. Depending on the size of your board it can take anywhere from 5-8 min.

How should I clean and how should I store my Inflatable board?

We only recommend water and a mild soap.  Heavy detergents and solvents can damage your board. It is best to clean and dry your board, take out the fins, roll it up and put in the Zen bag or Magic Suitcase.

How far do I tighten the screws on the fins?

Do NOT over tighten the screws. Only tighten until the fins feel snug and secure in the box.

Can I leave my Inflatable board inflated in the sun and over night?

If leaving the board inflated, it is best to remove from direct sunlight and deflate the board at least 10PSI.

If I puncture my Inflatable board, can I repair by myself?

Yes, you can use the supplied Inflatable repair kit. Or email us for more information at info@star-board-sup.com.