Campbell Farrell

Current City: Paia, Maui- Home town Auckland, NZ

Boards: 10’3″ Gun (broken in WA, now waiting for new one… new shape too…yea!)  8’5″ Pocket Rocket &  9’1″ Pro

Paddle: Power.. Carbon tech for waves and Enduro Carbon Tech for distance racing

What competitions/events are you looking forward to next year?

We are creating a SUP Nationals title event in Auckland New Zealand some time in March 2011

I also like to compete in the local events here in Hawaii… my preferred discipline is unlimited class.

What was your best day on the ocean this year?

So far it would be the day I had recently in WA on my 10’3″ 29″ gun.

What is the craziest thing you experienced this year?

SUPing 116 miles down the Salmon River in Idaho.

What paddling related accomplishment are you most proud of?

Winning the 2008 Molokai to Oahu Race with Buzzy Kerbox-  in the SUP Stock (no rudder) Team Division

Tell us one thing that no-one knows about you.

I am an agent working to protect our planet for future generations… Seriously!

What are your plans for the 2010-11 year?

I plan to get the most out of the Hawaiian winter on my SUP tow when it big, travel lots to NZ and hopefully Tahiti, train hard and do well in all the races I enter…. Also have fun!

When you were coming up, what paddlers inspired you?

Laird was the first SUP guy to inspire me, he loaned me a board to get started. After that Archie Kalepa paddled the Molokai channel race on an SUP.

The next year 2006 I crossed the channel with Sean Ordonez, we suffered but it was fun.

What charities are you involved with?

I have supported Green Peace for years and also donated to Upside Downs. Also I recently paddled for the Maddie Collins Foundation.

Why did you choose Starboard?

The Starboard Dream Team is full of great people I know and respect… and the products are sick!

Tell us about your quiver? / Which board is your favorite?

At the moment I have an 8’5″x 30″ 9’0″x33″ 9’1″x29″ 10’x34″ 10’5″x32″ and an old 12′ gun SUP I am waiting to replace with the new 10’x28.5″

My quiver is that because I love to get friends and family out on the water. Every body needs a Whopper (10’x34″) its simply the best easiest experience for 99% of first time SUPers willing to give the sport a go.

The 10’5″ I took down the Salmon River in Idaho ( I wish I picked a wider board) I’d say my most favorite board in the quiver is the 9’1″. I am getting used to the 8’5″ but haven’t had that magic session yet.

SUP has given you the chance to travel the world. Out of all travels, which one has been the most memorable?

No question the last trip to WA Australia with Jason Polakow has been the best trip for me and my SUP.

If we pressed play on your I-Pod what song would be playing?

Metallica Death Magnetic Album…. All Nightmare Long (the whole album has some incredible messages if your ears are tuned to listen)

Where can people find you on the web?

I started a face book page but don’t stay as well connected as I should. You can see my web site and then email me direct if you like.

Who are your other sponsors?

I have a close working relationship with Hyundai NZ… many thanks to them for always providing wheels and support!